When you partner with Psych Jobs Now, you can reach thousands of qualified candidates with just one job posting. Your challenge as an employer then changes from reaching potential applicants to convincing them to pursue your job opening. The team here at Psych Jobs Now has a few tips to help you craft the best possible job posting so you can find the perfect fit faster. Read on to learn more, and publish your psychiatry job openings on Psych Jobs Now.

Explain the Position

The first – and perhaps most obvious – step is to describe the job you’re hoping to fill. Keep in mind that online job sites can be overwhelming for applicants, too, and they are looking for a post that simply and clearly outlines the next potential step in their career. Make sure you talk about what their role would be in this position, and double check the details, especially if you are utilizing the post your company used the last time this job opened up. Use a specific job title and outline the position’s duties and responsibilities.

Be Clear and Concise

Use Bullet Points

While writing up your psychiatry job opening, you should aim to make the description as easy to read and understandable as possible. Bulky paragraphs of run-on sentences won’t help you find any but the most dedicated – or most desperate – job seekers. Bullet points are an excellent way to convey information quickly! Keep each point to just one sentence — it doesn’t even have to be a full sentence. For any description beyond bullet points, try to keep your paragraphs short, with only three to four simple sentences.

Avoid Complex Terms or Acronyms

You should also avoid any jargon specific to your workplace. Psychiatric professionals of the caliber you are looking for often have a large shared vocabulary, but there are likely a few terms you use within your organization that sound like a second language to others. Comb through your job posting for any unclear terms, and ensure the description is understandable to someone outside of your organization.

Be Upfront With Your Criteria

Psych Jobs Now can help you reap applications from more candidates, but sorting the pool of potential for the right candidates is partly your responsibility. The best way to ensure only the best candidates apply is to clearly state your requirements.

One good way to clarify this with potential applicants is to sort criteria under the headings of “required” and “preferred” so they understand what is negotiable and what isn’t. You may also want to add a short statement explaining that your prerequisites are specifically non-negotiable.

Explain Benefits

Explaining the psychiatry job opening available at your organization is half the battle. The other half is convincing candidates to apply by explaining the benefits of this specific position. Why would a potential applicant want to work for you? What sets your workplace apart?

There are a few basic data points an applicant is likely looking for, such as work hours, pay, and benefits. You can also lure them in by talking about other perks, like interesting projects they could work on or potential educational opportunities.

Write an “About Us”

Your company profile on the Psych Jobs Now site is something else you should consider. It will populate into whatever psychiatric job opening you post to offer candidates more information and help them learn more about your organization without leaving the site – and your job posting – behind. Outline your mission and your values, and for added interest, include a little insight into your workplace culture. Giving potential applicants this information can help them picture themselves in this new position.

Set Applicants up for Success

Posting a psychiatric job opening on Psych Jobs Now isn’t just about cultivating applicants faster — it’s also about finding the right fit for the job so you don’t have to go through this process all over again in a few months. One of the best ways you can set applicants up for success is by clearly outlining your needs and expectations as an employer.

Hopefully, you have already spent a few bullet points and/or small paragraphs describing the responsibilities of this role. If you can, you should also include what you hope your new employee will accomplish, both in their day-to-day role and over time. How will you measure their success? What traits have you noticed in current employees who excel in their role?

Start Your Search With Psych Jobs Now

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